Take an innovative approach to physical education for your school this year 

Our Youth Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs are comprehensive programs focused on helping our youth live a healthier and more active life. With basic martial arts movements and activities students learn about and develop a strong foundation in motor skills, concentration, self confidence, endurance, and coordination.

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Instructors assist students in achieving physical and mental goals, aimed at developing their coordination, increasing the precision and effectiveness of technique in the martial arts while being active and having fun. In both the Kung Fu and Tai Chi programs students will learn traditional and non-traditional warm-ups, exercises, and forms to help them to continue these healthy habits throughout their lives.


Our physical education classes are designed for students between the ages of 5 and 17 with classes tailored to each age group. From our program, you should expect your students to gain valuable habits for lifelong health in a fun and active environment.  Our instructor will teach classes at your school or chosen location.  

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