Testimonial 5

“ D’s Tai Chi class really benefited my academic ability to stay focused in class. I practiced at home and it really relieves stress. We learned Yang style Tai Chi and were educated about the meaning of Tai Chi. I think this will be a lifelong thing for me. I give his class five stars “

— Robbie

Testimonial 4

“ When we first started Tai Chi, I was counting the days till our class, I would be so excited. But as the year progressed, Tai Chi started to get harder with more focus, so classes were so fun, but some were really hard. If you have a lot of focus and patience, I recommend you to start Tai Chi with D “

— Gilly, AP Student

Testimonial 3

“ Dee is a very patient teacher. Throughout the year, he taught us to focus on the now, stay relaxed, focus our minds. We learned many different infinite forms. It was so relaxing to just take a break from everything and focus on your mind, Tai Chi is a great stress reliever. At the beginning of the year, none of us knew the meaning of tai chi and didn’t understand what was so amazing about. As the year progressed, we learned more about tai chi. I now feel that I understand tai chi and its purpose. The discipline, meditation, and focus we have gained this year is all thanks to Dee. “

— Vanessa, AP Student

Testimonial 1

“D is an amazing Tai Chi teacher and person. He is very patient and very passionate in what he does. He explains every movement and I feel more focused and more experienced after every class. He has a true gift for teaching and an amazing passion for Tai Chi. I was so happy to work with him and I cant wait till next time.”

— Emma