House Policies


We are a small studio and we want to provide the best experience for our clients so we have to set some ground rules in order to keep our studio running smoothly but we also understand that life happens so we've outlined a list of studio policies that we consider to be fair for everyone.

House Keeping

Please leave your shoes at the door. We encourage our clients to go shoe-less in our classes because it builds strength in your feet and keeps you grounded in the movements. If you prefer to wear shoes, please only wear shoes that are strictly for indoor use and we recommend a flat shoe like minimals, vans or converse

You can borrow a mat. Yep. We have extra mats in the back of the studio so if you forget to bring yours, don't worry. We just ask that you return the mat after each class and clean and wipe down the mat so it's ready for the next client.

Class Registration & Cancellation

  • If one person or less has registered for a scheduled class one hour before the start time, class may be cancelled at our discretion.  Please call or email if you're unsure about the class schedule. We make every effort to notify clients of class cancellations in advance.
  • Clients must cancel out of a class with at least 2 hours notice.
  • If a reservation is cancelled with less than 2 hours notice, the client will be a charged for the class. Drop-in clients will be billed $12 for a late cancel  and $15 for a no show. Members who have purchased packages (including monthly 5 or 10 class packages) will lose a session for every missed class.  All class cancellations can be done through the registration system.
  • Monthly memberships are set up in person at the front desk or online (here). 
  • Monthly memberships auto-renew at the end of contract term (12 months) unless we have been notified of intent to cancel with at least 7 days notice.
  • Membership freezes can be done if expected to miss 21 days or more of the billing cycle.  Freezes can be made for a maximum of 3 months.  Afterward, normal billing and contract terms resume.  The contract length will be extended equal to length of time of freeze.  Limit one freeze per contract.
  • If monthly autopay membership must be cancelled prior to contract length (12 months), 35% of remaining balance is due at time of cancellation.
  • Cancellation of monthly contract requires 7 days notice. Notice is done via email at If notice is given within 7 day window, contract rate will be billed for next month.
  • Classes purchased through the 5/10 class per month membership must be used within 60 days.

Health Coaching & Bodywork Cancellation

  • Clients must cancel personal training, health coaching, and bodywork sessions with at least 8 hours notice. If you cancel within the 8-hour time period of the start time of the session you will be charged for the sessionIf the trainer cancels on you within the 8 hour time-frame, your next session is FREE. Rescheduling for a different time in the same day does not count as a cancellation.
  • 3 cancellations within the same package (regardless of length of notice) will result in loss of slot on schedule.
  • Cancellations need to be done by contacting the trainer directly.
  • To encourage the development of healthy habits and to foster results, all health coaching and bodywork packages have an expiration date 5 hour/10 half hour session packages expire after 5 weeks; 10 hour/ 20 half hour session packages expire after 10 weeks; 20 hour/ 40 half hour session packages expire after 20 weeks.


We do not allow refunds after the completion of payment for services or class packages, although cancellations that are completed with proper advance notice can be credited toward a different session/class. We encourage our clients to commit to their health and wellness!