Here’s a helpful guide for clients who are new to our studio. Select the option below based on your health goals so we can recommend the best way to take advantage of the services and classes we offer. If you have questions, we recommend sending us an email at


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start with a consultation

If you’re looking for a personal trainer or health coach, you’ve come to the right place. For new clients, we recommend scheduling a 15-minute consultation with one of our certified personal trainers or coaches. They’ll discuss your training needs and work with you to find the best available program to help you reach your fitness or wellness goals.

Group Classes

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start with group fitness classes

Are you interested in joining our clients who are setting their own personal goals to live a healthier lifestyle? We offer a range of group fitness classes that when combined together create a holistic fitness and wellness program for our clients. We offer specialized programs as well as allow you to customize your own program using a our signature classes and more.


Massage Therapy Appointments Martinez Massage Table.jpg

start with a massage therapy appointment

We offer body work and massage therapy services for clients who suffer from work-related injuries, athletic injuries or who want or are in need of general pain management. For new clients, we recommend scheduling a 30-minute appointment with our specialist. During your first appointment you’ll discuss your health history and best course of action.