Here’s a helpful guide for clients who are new to our studio. Select the option below based on your health goals so we can recommend the best way to take advantage of the services and classes we offer. If you have questions, we recommend sending us an email at

Customized Program

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start with a consultation

If you’re looking for a personal trainer or health coach, you’ve come to the right place. For new clients, we recommend scheduling a 15-minute consultation with one of our certified personal trainers. They’ll discuss your health goals - whether you want to lose weight or if you need nutrition guidance - then recommend the best course of action. Our programs often include personal training sessions, body work, nutrition guidance, and group fitness classes for a well-rounded health plan.

General Wellness

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start with group fitness classes

Are you interested in joining our clients who are setting personal goals to live a healthier lifestyle? We offer a range of group fitness classes that when combined together create a holistic wellness program for our clients. We offer high intensity interval training classes, mobility and stretching classes, as well as, meditation classes for mind-body wellness. We recommend clients start with our 2-week new student special. You can try all of our classes with no commitment.

Pain Management

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start with a massage therapy appointment

We offer body work and massage therapy services for clients who suffer from work-related injuries, athletic injuries or who are in need of general pain management. For new clients, we recommend scheduling a 30-minute appointment with our specialist. During your first appointment you’ll discuss your health history and your goals. Our specialist will recommend a treatment plan to help you restore mobility and improve the quality of your life.


Personal Training & Body Work FAQs


That depends. We have some clients who meet with us for body work every few weeks or some clients that prefer more one-on-one time so we'll meet weekly for 3-6 months until the client feels like they've gained all the tools they need to care for their long-term health. 

During your initial appointment please feel free to discuss your needs with our Wellness Consultant. For clients that feel comfortable enough to take up a practice at home with limited supervision, we can design a program with fewer appointments and more "homework" (but the kind of homework that makes you feel happy on the inside). For clients who love the one-on-one time, we can meet more regularly to start, then taper off when you feel like you have a good handle on your wellness. 



Our clients often feel best when they wear comfortable, moderately fitted clothing in a breathable fabric - no need to remove your clothing! For fitness appointments you'll want to wear the same clothing you might wear to the gym. For bodywork appointments we usually recommend not wearing jeans. 



We have appointments available Monday - Saturday, including morning and evening time slots. Click "make an appointment" to find an appointment to fit your schedule.  



TuiNa is a form of Chinese massage therapy often combined with acupressure and fire cupping, iTaiChi and qigong. It's a hands-on body treatment similar to massage that helps with bringing your body and energy into balance. Do we practice TuiNa? Yep! It's a part of our overall wellness program.



We understand that life happens and sometimes you have to cancel an appointment. We simply ask clients to cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance.