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100 Days of Wellness Information Session


how it works / 

You'll exercise, track results, water intake, and food intake for 6 days a week with 1 day spent on recovery.

You'll spend minimum of 1 class 5 days a week completing a movement workout in our studio. Depending on your goals and your schedule, you will be given a program plan using our signature classes, meditation classes, along with rep challenges, and open training sessions. 

On your recovery day you will complete the 15-20 minute recovery routine. Routine will be given by your coach or you may use any of our online recovery workouts. 

who would benefit / 

This is a program designed for people just like you! If you've been too busy to start a new workout routine or you're interested in developing healthy habits but don't know how, we can help. Our program is designed to slowly ease you into a new routine that balances physical workouts and relaxation techniques designed to reduce stress. 

what to expect / 

You'll receive a structured program plan that details the movements and exercises for each day and you’ll track your own progress. You'll also receive a nutrition guide to help you meal plan and make healthier food choices and you'll receive membership access to our how-to videos that teach you proper form and movements. Every week you’ll check in with Deshaun to track your progress or make adjustments as needed.

when does it start / 

Registration is available Aug 3 - 13. Your program will begin on Aug 13.

As an added bonus, clients who complete the 15 week program will receive $200 cash back as a reward. 

Curious but not sure you’re ready to commit? Join our information session Wednesday Aug 8 at 7:30PM.

registration fees / 

Register for $299. Receive $200 back when you complete the challenge. You can only miss a maximum of 10 days (you need to track at least 90 out of 100 days) to get your commitment deposit back.