Our Signature Classes

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QiFlow Class Description


55 Minutes

$20 / Class

A grounding, meditative, mind-body experience. 
You breathe deep, bounce, shake, and reach as you release tension in the body and the stressors of day to become more in the moment and cleanse the soul. In this class you will build a calmer mind and a more relaxed body with our combination of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Meditation. Great for beginners and all ages.

Meditation Class Lucid Vitality.jpg


50 Minutes

$10 / Class

In this class participants will go through a variety of skills they can use to manage anxiety, depression, and pain while learning the basic steps of starting a mediation practice.

MoveAlpha Low Impact Fitness Classes Lucid Vitality.jpg


55 Minutes

$20 / Class

Movement is essential to training healthy bodies. This class teaches you to squat, hinge, twist, and takes you on a journey of basic human movements to help build balance and coordination while heightening body awareness and strengthening your movement foundation.

MobilityX Class Lucid Vitality.jpg


55 Minutes

$20 / Class

Improving mobility/flexibility is about discipline; to achieve improvement in mobility it purely requires consistency. This class will teach you how to improve the movement of your body so that you can increase your fitness potential combining simple and effective mobilization drills, stretches, and postures.

HiitFused Circuit Training Class Lucid Vitality.jpg


45 Minutes

$20 / Class

A 45 minute high energy, high intensity training class with a mix of strength, core, cardio endurance circuits, and bodyweight movement exercises to push your body and mind. Fused for total body toning and conditioning with an intense focus on glutes, thighs and core.

PrimalSurge Class Lucid Vitality.jpg


55 Minutes

$20 / Class

Embodies an approach to human movement and fitness through quadrupedal and ground-based, primal movements of pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging and jumping. With functional strength, mobility, and stability exercises we create a fun, challenging workout designed to activate your whole body for maximum calorie burn.



$129 / Month

With a relaxed body and a focused mind you will move through slow moving forms that promote better circulation and improve balance. This low-impact practice is great for all ages


Wind warriors Shaolin boxing


$59 / Month

Our weekly youth classes are great for kids ages 6 - 14. Kids will practice warm-ups, exercises and forms to help them build healthy habits for lifelong wellness.


$129 / Month

Improve strength, increase flexibility, and have fun with unlimited access our weekly kung fu classes.