Holistic Wellness

Holistic wellness means different things to different people. At Lucid Vitality, we believe that a holistic wellness program has to take into account three main principles: mental wellness, physical health, and nutrition. We've designed our group fitness classes around these principles. Our classes borrow from eastern-style modalities while incorporating modern movements. You'll find familiar classes like high intensity interval training balanced with low impact energy flow classes.

How Does it Work?

Drop into our studio any time for a group fitness class to see what we're all about. If you love us, then take advantage of discounted pricing by purchasing class passes or signing up for our monthly unlimited membership. Don't worry! We're extra nice, so feel free to call any time, even if you just want to chat about your new puppy. We love new puppies. 

Where Was Lucid Vitality Born

Deshaun, our original Founder, has been practicing martial arts and holistic healing for his entire adult life, instructing classes for fitness studios around the Bay Area and creating coaching programs for private clients. Claire and Arcelya joined the team in 2015 to partner with Deshaun on bringing his years of experience to a wider audience. Since then, we've been working night and day to develop a complete holistic program to deliver to our clients.


Meet The Team

Deshaun Williams

Wellness Consultant + Co-Founder

This is the guy who started it all. With 15+ years of experience in internal martial arts, personal training, and health coaching, Deshaun is the mastermind behind our wellness programs. Smart and handsome? That's not all. He's also a strict vegetarian!

Arcelya morales


Arcelya comes from a background in digital marketing and ecommerce and now serves as co-founder and adviser to Lucid Vitality.

Claire Virtue


Claire has led Human Resources and Operations for small- to medium-size businesses for 15 years. She is now co-founder and adviser for Lucid Vitality.