The Challenge Begins


how it works / 

You'll receive a structured program plan that details the movements and exercises for each day and you’ll track your own progress. You'll also receive a nutrition guide to help you meal plan and you'll receive membership access to movement and meditation studio in downtown Martinez. Every other week you’ll check in with Deshaun to track your progress or make adjustments as needed.

You'll exercise, track results, water intake, and food intake for 6 days a week with 1 day spent on recovery.

You'll spend minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week completing a movement workout in our studio. Depending on your goals and your schedule, you will be given a program plan using our signature classes, meditation classes, along with rep challenges, and open training sessions. 

On your recovery day you will complete the 15-20 minute recovery routine. Routine will be given by your coach or you may use any of our online recovery workouts. 

what you get /

Group Classes: Get access to unlimited group fitness Classes from Aug 13 - Nov 14

Check-Ins: A personal check-in appointment every other week with our certified coach

Customized Program: You'll receive a customized wellness plan based on your health goals

Nutrition Guide: Get your own copy of our "How to Eat for Wellness" nutrition guide 

the dates / 

Registration: Aug 3 - Aug 13

Information Session: Aug 8 @ 7:30PM

Challenge: Aug 13 - Nov 14

the location /

Classes and check ins will be held at our studio in downtown Martinez

516 Main Street Martinez, CA 94553


our classes /

our classes - lucid vitality.JPG

Our classes borrow from eastern-style modalities while incorporating modern movements. You'll find familiar classes like high intensity interval training balanced with low impact energy flow classes and guided meditations.

your coach / 

Deshaun Williams Lucid Vitality.jpg

Deshaun Williams has been practicing internal martial arts for 15+ years and he's a certified personal trainer. He has taken a unique approach to wellness that encompasses eastern modalities of movement. Instead of focusing entirely on high intensity fitness classes, he's taken a more balanced approach to wellness that also incorporates lower impact forms of movement coupled with meditation. When you join our Wellness Challenge, Deshaun will work with you individually to set your path and decide which classes and nutrition plan will best help you reach your goals.

the cost / 

We want you to succeed in setting personal goals and achieving them so we've structured our pricing in a way that encourages you to complete the program.

The registration deposit is $299 due at the time of sign up. Clients who complete the 15 week program will receive $200 cash back as a reward.


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